Seascooter Care & Maintenance

The Seascooter must be stored in a dry room. They must be stored vertically.

Prolonged periods of horizontal storage will distort the propeller housing. This can cause the propeller to foul against the housing and stop it from turning.

Do not keep the Seascooter in its bag when wet with the battery charging unit. This will cause irreparable damage to the battery charger

  • The unit must be dried before it is disassembled.
  • The charger should be placed on a dry surface horizontal surface when charging the battery.
  • The battery charger operates at 230 volts and should never be handled with wet hands.
  • Once charged, store the battery in a horizontal position in a dry place ready to be used again.
  • If the Seascooter is not in constant use, then re-charge the battery every three months.
  • Using a timer to time the charge cycle of the batteries will prolong the batteries working life.
  • Please take a moment to read the care & maintenance section of the owner handbook.

Seascooter must only be used by children under 16, whilst under the direct supervision of a Qualified Life Guard.

The supervising Life Guard must check, the following:-

  • All riders must wear conventional swim wear, with no loose clothing.
  • All long hair must be tied back or swimming hats worn.
  • No necklaces or jewellery around their necks.
  • All waist belts or ties must be on the inside of any trunks or shorts.
  • No persons can operate a Seascooter whilst chewing gum.
  • Both hands must be on the controls at all times.
  • The Riders arms must be extended and the sea scooter propeller must be in front of the rider at all times.

The Instructor or Supervising Life Guard must ensure that:-

  • All riders must always travel in the same direction around the swimming pool.
  • Riders do not crash into the swimming pool sides.
  • Riders do not crash into one another.

Cords caught around the propeller will severely affect the Seascooters overall performance and if left will burn out the motor in minutes. It can also affect the water seal on the prop shaft. This is a very expensive repair and is not covered under warranty